Lobster Net



The guys at Lobster came to us after noticing they had lost considerable market share to competitors who’d apparently been more astute with their digital marketing. Although they’d been running a very successful company selling networking technology across the world, they’d realised their turnover increase had reduced over the last 4 years. They wanted us to take on the challenge of their digital marketing in order to secure further growth and stability in the future.


Our first port of call was to rebrand the business. Lobster Net came to us with their original name of DC Data Systems and we immediately decided we’d need to change the name in order to help them stand out from their competitors. The name Lobster Net came about as a joke that stuck. Why not call them Lobster Net? Our research into their client base found that network engineers had quirky senses of humour with user testing proving that the name was a hit. Following this we set about reinforcing their digital message across their new website; with the goal in mind of making the company memorable.


Before our rebrand and rebuild of their website; Lobster had yet to see consistent enquiries generated through their website. Following the launch of the new site, the team at Lobster immediately began receiving upwards of 4 enquiries per day. As our campaign to promote Lobster increased, so did the enquiries and number of converted via digital.


Magento Commerce

With a product catalogue of over 100000 individual SKU’s we decided Magento was the only platform powerful enough to deal with their needs.

Mobile First Approach

With the ever increasing ratio of mobile to desktop online browsing we ensured the site was built with mobile first thinking.

Revenue Increase

The ongoing results of our campaign have seen unprecedented growth within the company.

Qualified Leads

Prior to our work digital marketing produced next to no results for Lobster; however, following our campaign we have managed to create a steady stream of online and livechat enquiries per day.

Pages Indexed

The old DC Data Systems website only had the home page indexed; we now have over 49000 indexed pages showing on the first page of popular search engines.

Social Media

We took over the management of the social media accounts at Lobster. As a result, we began driving traffic directly to product and service pages to the site via Twitter.

Fully Responsive

The entire store is fully responsive and adapts to any size device.

Unbranded have supported us in our digital growth by rebuilding a site that was generating no revenue into a massive entity generating us over £1.2M in the last 12 months. They have more than delivered on their initial promise of business growth; and have helped us grow from strength to strength.

The finished product

View the Lobster Net website.  If you like what you see, please get in touch.