Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors



TJL Solicitors came to us as the industry leaders in cosmetic surgery negligence. They’d already had a very strong traditional PR campaign in place in order to generate new leads. However, they believed a stronger digital presence would be a more cost effective option, enabling them to broaden their reach across the UK. We changed the voice and tone from the typical “personal injury, compensation driven solicitors, to focus on the psychological damage and trauma their clients had received. We needed to prove to prospective clients that TJL’s solicitors and employee’s cared about what they’d been through.


Taking TJL’s budget into account, we set about using it in the most effective way possible. We created a new website, built around the end user, a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence, or the person looking to undergo cosmetic surgery. We created animated surgery guides, along with detailed video guides to educate patients on signs to look out for following surgery. We further supported them in the creation of a television advert to help spread their message further.


The results we achieved whilst working alongside TJL Solicitors were phenomenal to say the least. Over the course of 5 years we saw their cosmetic surgery department grow 3 fold, more than it’d grown in the 5 years previous. We also saw the number of enquiries and qualified leads increase exponentially.


Following the success of our work with TJL Solicitors, we managed to reduce their monthly magazine and advert spend to 0; instead, allowing them to turn their focus online.


Due to increased conversions through the website and a better online natural position; we worked to reduce the overall SEO and PPC spend.

-30% CPL

Wordpress CMS

We rebuilt the website out of the ASP Kentico CMS into WordPress. We opted for WordPress for the client because of its power and room for growth with the business.

Mobile First Approach

With over 60% of users visiting the website via a mobile device, we took a mobile first approach to ensure that all key information is easily available for use via the mobile version of the site.

Department Growth

We were tasked to increase the size of the cosmetic surgery department by 100%. Growth of the department was simply code speak for, increase the ratio of qualified leads to enquiry made.

Custom Photography

We commissioned a professional photographer to join us on set whilst we were filming for both behind the scenes shots; as well as key shots of our actress to use in future PR activity.

Film Production

Our days of filming were used to cover two key areas. The first was for cosmetic negligence video guides with annotated diagrams. The latter was an awareness campaign video used to promote the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

Social Media

We took over TJL’s social media accounts to ensure the correct voice and tone of the company was being shared. We also wanted to deal with press enquiries; which more often than not, come through Twitter.

Fully Responsive

Because of the vast percentage of users using mobile devices we opted for a fully responsive design, to ensure that whatever device the website was viewed on; the best version of the site would be displayed.


We published all of our videos on the video sharing platform, YouTube. We also created short snippet videos to use as adverts on key cosmetic surgery related videos.

Over the past 5 years Unbranded have supported us with our expansion into the field of cosmetic surgery negligence. Their ideas and work ethic are second to none.

The finished product

View the Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors website.  If you like what you see, please get in touch.